This is the true story of ten strangers picked to live in a house and have their lives taped. Find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real. The Real World Punta Cana.

Nah, I’m totally messing with you. Kind of.

By some weird series of events, I was sent to the Chic Mansion in Punta Cana with MuchMusic and Sunwing Vacations. I feel completely and utterly blessed to have partaken in such an amazing trip and I want to start off by thanking everyone that made it possible.

I think it’s safe to say it was one of the best times in the Caribbean a girl could ask for.

Meeting strangers on a trip is one thing, but having to live with them is an entirely different story. I was a little skeptical at first, but I’m so glad I met you all. Whitney and Olivia, you girls are basically Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph in Bridesmaids; I say that with love. Denise and Eric, you’re both amazing people and I wish you all the best for your wedding although I’ll be seeing you before then! Eric and Ganny, you’re basically the male versions of Whit and Olivia, so it really tied the group together. Madelena and Michaela, you’re both so sweet and I hope to see you at the Calgary Stampede.

A butler, a private chef, a mansion. Need I say more?

MuchMusic and Sunwing Vacations really took care of us, but among all the great activities, they arranged for a private dinner with Kardinal Offishall and had us on stage at his concert on Saturday. 

The dinner was held in a Moroccan style restaurant where Kardi and his crew rolled in on hover boards (because why not?). We were to wear all white (like a bunch of douchebags) and drink to the capabilities of a rapper (never touching a drop of alcohol again).

To my surprise, he was really humble and super friendly. Post dinner, we all headed back to the mansion to catch the last innings of the last Blue Jays game of the season (yeah, that's right I watched TV on the couch with a rapper).  

I’m back in Toronto. Rainy, grey Toronto. I could complain about the weather, but I really don’t have anything to complain about. I was given this opportunity that I, in no way, deserved and met amazing people along the way.  

Je ne sais pas comment, mais j’ai eu la chance d’être envoyé à la Chic Mansion à Punta Cana en République Dominicaine avec MuchMusic (Musique Plus) et Sunwing Vacations. La chance était vraiment de mon côté et je tiens à remercier tout le monde chez Much et Sunwing pour l’organization du voyage. Comme de fait, ce fût le meilleur voyage aux Caraïbes. 

Rencontrer des gens en voyage et vivre dans la même maison qu’eux sont deux choses complètement différentes. Je doutais vraiment le fait que j’allais m’entrendre avec 10 autres personnes, mais honnêtement, je les adore tous! Whitney et Olivia, les Kristen Wiig et Maya Rudolph du groupe, Denise et Eric les adorables fiancés, Eric et Ganny, les versions mâles de Whit et Olivia et Madelena et Michaela, les deux soeurs de l'Alberta; j'espère vous voir au Rodeo de Calgary!   

Un majordome, un chef privé et un hôtel particulier. Que dire de plus? Eh non. MuchMusic et Sunwing sont allés au-delà de mes attentes. Nous avons même eu la chance de souper avec Kardinal Offishall et d'aller à son concert samedi. 

Je suis de retour à Toronto. La pluie, le ciel gris. Je peux me plaindre de la température de merde, mais je ne devrai pas me plaindre. Une expérience mémorable m'était donnée que je doute avoir mérité et j'ai eu la chance de rencontrer des gens phénoménaux. 

MuchMusic released their pictures... dear god. See them here.