Cafe Neon

Living in Queen West, it seems as though a new restaurant/cafe is opening every other day. Seldom do I find a new place that is interesting or different. The last time I attended an opening that I thought "oh yeah, I'm going to be back" was at Otto's Berlin Doner in Kensington Market. I met the owner Konrad outside his restaurant - still under construction - and just asked what was happening out of curiosity. I think I've been back a solid 7 times in the past couple of months. 

Now this little gem called Cafe Neon is nestled on the corner of Queen W and Ossington and it is my new obsession. I went in for a late lunch and had the cheeseburger with rosemary frites and dijon mayo, a winter bowl and a fresh pressed pear ginger juice. Everything is made in-house by the lovely chef. Mouth. Watering. 

Pictures say so much more than words in this case, so here are some by talented food photographer Evangelia Alexopoulos. Check out the cafe and let your senses do the talking, it won't dissappoint or have a look at their Instagram @cafe_neon. I mean seriously, look at those f*cking pictures.