The Howling Pup

As you all know, I'm an animal lover. I adopted a husky mix from the SPCA in Montreal and have a little black pug. I love and spoil the sh*t out of them. Sadly, not all dogs have the opportunity to know love and affection or even a roof over their heads. I've wondered for a long time what can be done, and besides retiring on a huge farm with a million animals, I haven't found the solution. 

Every year, over 2 million animals in 'high-kill' animal shelter are euthanized as a response to population control. Even writing that makes me cringe. When Julian from The Howling Pup reached out to me, I immediately wanted to get involved. 

The Howling Pup is a clothing company that donates 25% of its proceeds to non-profit organizations to help rescue shelter dogs and give them a second chance. The tasks they perform include: saving, training, grooming, vaccinating, re-homing these pups. Every dog deserves a home and deserves to never be afraid. 

You can visit their website here and when you use my code taralovespups, you'll get FREE shipping throughout Canada. It's a great cause, dope clothes and more importantly, it's a step closer to maybe one day eradicating unnecessary euthanasia!