Holiday Hair at Calia

During the Holidays, there are countless parties and dinners to go to and, if you're like me, you hate doing your hair. Between the end of December and beginning of January, I have a couple Christmas parties to go to, some dinners with friends, my father and sister's birthdays, New Year's Eve and both my aunts' birthdays. That's way too many events I want to get ready for. 

That's where Darren from Calia comes in. I'm talking scalp detox and massage, toning my silver locks, treating my hair and styling it under 2 hours. Lest we forget, my hair is down to my butt, sooooo that's record time. 

I showed up at Calia (Yorkville location) and was greeted with champagne (YASSS, girl). It had been a stressful day at work, so I was totally down to get pampered. His scalp massage almost put me to sleep, and when I described the kind of big loose curls I wanted, I could tell he got what I meant. I'm not a person that trusts hair stylists very often, so my writing this is a huge deal. I'm always weary when I'm at salons because I'm so attached to my hair and so fearful something will go wrong. 

Needless to say, Darren's a gem, and I'm headed back there in January to cool my grey ombre. 

In and out in under 2 hours and feeling like a million bucks. Basically, y'all need Darren in your lives. 

*All photos taken by Ryan Miller - check out his work here!