2014 revisited

Every New Year, I like to take a step back and think about everything that has happened to me in the past year. 2014 was a big one: I graduated university (although, I do not think I am done with school... I have to admit, student life is the good life), I moved out (not only to a different city, but I also moved in with my boyfriend), I got a puppy and I knocked another country off my travel bucket list by going to visit Thailand for two weeks just before the Christmas holidays.

Disclaimer- this is going to be a long post reviewing my entire trip to Thailand.


To the other side of the globe

It all started when my boyfriend found out he would be going to Seoul, South Korea on business to visit a client. Since he was going to be on that side of the globe anyways, we figured we should go to Thailand. I realize how potentially ignorant that sounds now (South Korea was still a good 6 hour flight from Bangkok), but I do not regret it one bit. Off he went to Seoul and I was to meet him in Bangkok a couple of days later. 

My flight trip was Montreal-Toronto (flight time 1 hour- ok, I can deal), Toronto-Hong Kong (flight time 15 AND A HALF HOURS BOOBOO- no, I officially cannot deal), Hong Kong-Bangkok (flight time 2 hours- would I be so tired from that YYZ-HKG flight that I would be crying or would I be so excited that I would not care? Hmm... TBD). 

Needless to say, I WAS DREADING THIS SERIES OF FLIGHTS, HONEY. I am by no means a bad flyer: I do not mind turbulence and I actually love plane food, but I find it so difficult to sit around and do nothing and there is something about the way planes smell that I just cannot get past. 

Turns out, the airline gods were watching over me: I had an empty seat beside me the whole time, so I was able to lie down and sleep. I went all out: U shaped pillow, eye mask, warm fuzzy socks, PJ's and Gravol (can I get an amen). I asked the flight attendant to wake me up for meals, and I slept the entire way down. So, flying experience = SO MUCH BETTER THAN I HAD ANTICIPATED. Maybe I had made it out to be so horrendous, it was actually not in the end. 


I landed in Bangkok at the Suvarnabhumi airport and everything went smoothly. However, as I was trying to connect to the wifi so that I could contact my boyfriend and tell him where I would be waiting for him (he was coming in from Seoul), it just was not working. I was overcome by panic like I would not stand a chance waiting 5 hours on my own in this huge airport unless I was Liam Neeson's daughter. I sat down by baggage claim and just starred at the wall for 5. FRIKIN. HOURS. Turns out we did not need wifi, we found each other right away. It was like every rom-com movie ever... boy looks up from phone and notices girl, girl smiles back, shyly. Except, my eyeliner was probably a mess from that 30 hour trip and I probably could have used a smidgen of dry shampoo. Whatever, he loves me. 

We stayed in Bangkok for a while and much like New York City, I got tired of it pretty quickly. I am a city girl, but I am not a city girl to the extent that I am LITERALLY rubbing elbows with everyone around me... It was hot, smelly and dirty, but I guess that is what makes Bangkok, Bangkok.

We went to the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok and it was a really cool experience. It is like being in an underground catacomb, except no one is dead and it is all about shopping. It is open on the weekends and the SkyTrain is the best way to get to it. I am just going to go off on a tangent here... the SkyTrain is SO AMAZING. Not only is it elevated, so you avoid traffic and the task of hailing a cab/tuk-tuk in the busy streets, but it is air conditioned... and let me tell you, I am not prone to sweating, but I was sweating in places I did not know one could sweat, okaaaaayyy. 

Another must see, in my opinion, is the Red Sky Bar at Central World. It was really interesting to see how all the poverty and chaos of Bangkok disappeared while being on the 55th floor. It was almost like we had left Bangkok. 

Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan 

We got to Koh Samui via Bangkok Airways and, to be honest, I have never enjoyed a flight as much. The food was absolutely delicious and the service was impeccable. It only took about 45 minutes from Bangkok, but the amazing staff managed to serve us a full meal. Crazy. Still baffles me. On my Toronto-NYC flight, I got a bag of peanuts. 

The islands were so relaxing, we went rock climbing and visited waterfalls. It was a well deserved break from the crazy, smelly city. 

The only downfall in Koh Pha Ngan was that the full moon parties were a week away, so there was nothing to do and no one on the island. 

All in all, the trip was a life changer and I can't wait to be back in Asia.