Back in the 6

I'm back in the 6 from a little getaway to Montreal. I got to do loads of shopping and found some uh-may-zing things, eat at great spots I hadn't previous checked out and, of course, see all my friends and family, but Dorothy was right, there's no place like home. After a week and a half of running around with lots to do and people to see, it's nice to be in my own space again. 

Now, on to more important things. My boyfriend and I sampled (way too many) desserts for you all and have come up with a few favourites from West Island's Première Moisson and Gourmet Privilège. Both are bakeries I go to frequently when I am in Montreal because they're close to home and close to each other. Our stomachs did suffer the consequences of having eaten 2 crème brûlées, 1 chocolate cake, 1 chocolate mousse and 6 macaroons. Bring on the Pepto, yo.

Both have amazing desserts, among other amazing baked goods-seriously I can hands down eat a whole Provencal style olive bread (fougasse aux olives) in one sitting- but my boyfriend was on the hunt for a stellar crème brûlée. He picked one up from Première Moisson and one from Gourmet Privilège. The first one (team PM) tasted better, but was more the consistency of a mousse, while the second (team GP) was eggier in taste, which was its downfall. However, he wasn't completely satisfied with either pointing out that a real crème brûlée has a hard shell on top as a result of the dessert being torched minutes prior to serving. Cue Iggy Azalea's Fancy

As for me, I loved everything. For a girl in need of a quick chocolate fix, it was a perfect stop before our numerous hours of shopping. I was very excited to taste Privilège's macaronns and got an assorted box with a Bailey's coffee, a lemon, a vanilla, a hazelnut, a pistachio, and a surprise (chefs create a surprise flavour according to the inspirations of the season); mine ended up being some sort of raspberry flavoured macaroon with heart shaped sprinkles on it. My only advice would be to eat them immediately because they seem to have lost their consistency as I look at them now and aren't as chewy as they were on the first day. I'm a LONGTIME fan of Frederic Cassel and actually had one of my girlfriend's bring me back a huge three-tiered box from Fontainebleau, France (her hometown), so I'm kind of hard to please in that domain. 

My loyalty is with Fred, but hey, I can't always fly my macaroons in from France.