F as in Frank

I have the best best friend in the world. Her name is Evangelia and we are basically twins. We do almost everything together and we send each other the ugliest Snapchats ever (that is when you know the friendship is real). 

For Christmas, she got me a box full of Frank (if you do not know what this product is, I suggest you click the link and check out the website before continuing on with your read). 

I wanted to try it out since the product has gained much popularity on social media. The idea is to scrub with one of the coffee scrubs (there are different ones that target different skin problems such as stretch marks, dryness, acne) and then to rub the area with the body balm. We scrubbed our faces with the Coconut Coffee Scrub to test it out and oh my word. Like every other facial scrub, it takes off dead skin and leaves the face very smooth, but this little number took it to a whole new level. We were in Montreal when we tested it out and the weather was blistering cold... I am talking like -30 degrees Celsius. So, naturally, my skin gets very dry and kind of flaky if I do not moisturize at least twice a day. I have an olive complexion, so when my skin gets dry, I get ashy, honey. And it ain't a pretty sight. 

Apart from making a mess in my all-white bathroom (but hey, I do not mind getting dirty with Frank), my experience was a happy one. I was pleasantly surprised. I do not usually take a liking to what becomes popular as I am very set in my ways when it comes to beauty and hygiene products. Also, waiting for the shipping all the way from downunda was kind of a drag. I am totally a part of that generation that requires instant gratification, y'knowwhatimsayin'. Despite those two minor downfalls, I have noticed a change both in my usually-atrociously-dry winter skin and hip stretch marks. Yay!  

Let's be frank... this product is amazing (haha, get it...) and if you are willing to wait a couple of weeks for it to come in from Australia, then fill that virtual cart up, doll face.