Hello, Montreal

I'm back in Montreal for a little bit and have been dying to visit Le Doggy Café in the Plateau with my little bug Marley. My boyfriend, sister and I started off the morning at the Marché aux Puces in St-Eustache. After a little bit of shopping, we decided to head down to Papineau and have some lunch. While my expectations weren't grandiose, I was deeply disappointed. The café has no interior design, it's a mashup of some wannabe hipster tables and some makeshift booths. For the first dog cafe to open in Montreal, I was expecting more. The menu was ok, but nothing to write home about. We ordered a 3 cheese grilled cheese and a raspberry smoothie and left. Ok, so not everyone has interior design skills or perhaps funds were lacking to pursue anything extraordinary. My main concern with this cafe is the fact that there's no doggy gate and it's located on a very busy street in downtown Montreal; it's an accident waiting to happen. 

Disheartened and hungry, we searched for another place to hit up and found Dirty Dogs on Mount Royal near St-Laurent. Gourmet hot dogs coming right up! Needless to say, our meals satisfied our empty bellies and we went home a bunch of happy campers.

Now, if you please, I'm so full I need to nap for five hours.

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