JMSN at the Drake

The Drake Hotel in Toronto was host to singer-songwriter-producer JMSN last night. I have been listening to him since the Priscilla album first dropped a couple of years back and have been a fan ever since. iTunes classifies him as alternative, but I don't even think that does his style any justice. I wouldn't be able to define his art in a few terms. Do yourselves a favour and go listen to some tracks. Like right now. My favourite songs are "Love & Pain" "Jameson" "The One", but I pretty much know all of them by heart. 

You're welcome. 

I'm not usually such a fan girl, but I became a JMSN follower immediately, so much so that when he released a limited number of autographed signed green vinyls, however only available in the US, my boyfriend arranged that his cousin who lives in Virginia order one and have it sent to us in Canada. Effort much? 

Anyways, so last night was a long time coming, because I've been wanting to see him in concert for a while. The only regret I have is that I forgot my professional camera at home, so I had to resort to iPhone pictures (gag). Whatever, didn't take away from the experience and I basically have no voice this morning. 

The venue was on the smaller size and it was fucking hot, even JMSN made a couple remarks during his set. Nevertheless, his energy was electric and contagious and the performance was on point. Go check out his music right meow and see for yourselves.