As I mentioned in a previous post, my boyfriend and I decided to get a puppy at the start of the summer. My family in Montreal adopted a husky/rottweiler puppy from the SPCA in 2007. She is so badass looking, not to mention she has killed a squirrel or two... or six. My dad loves it because she guards his vegetables garden (yeah, you guessed it, he is Italian and his tomatoes are everything). 

So, I knew my boyfriend wanted a medium to big sized dog that he could actually go for runs with. I, on the other hand, wanted a pug and thought it would make more sense given our condo/downtown Toronto lifestyle. So... my boyfriend compromised and brushed his manhood aside... and we got a pug. Not to say he looks effeminate when walking this 10 pound wrinkle mess of a dog, but it just does not have the same effect as my 50-pounds-of-pure-muscle-who-benchpresses-in-her-spare-time husky mix.

One night, my boyfriend was looking at breeders and stumbled upon a puppy he seemed to take a liking to. He asked me if I was okay with going to see it the next day and, being the animal lover that I am, I obviously agreed. I was so nervous/excited and when I saw her she was the MOST ADORABLE BLACK PIGLET EVER. She was so shy, but her little cinnamon bun tail was wagging. We brought her home a mere hour after meeting her and she has been the best puppy I have had to raise. Sidenote: huskies are really hard to raise because they are stubborn as well as intelligent and not to mention escape artists. So, all that packaged together was difficulty level Halo Legendary. It is not to say I do not love her the same- I just want to be clear about that. 

If you are sitting there, reading this thinking to yourself omg that's so weird she's so obsessed with her dog like it's a frikin' baby. I beg to differ. Although I did not birth the damn dog, I did not sleep because of her crying the first couple of months, she peed and pooed all over the house and I had to have my eye on her at all times. Dog people, you feel me.

My boyfriend was such a champ going into it and it was one of the highlights of my summer. Although at times, I find myself overwhelmed when I have to study/work/concentrate on anything and have her snorting away and seeking my attention, I have to remember that while she is only a part of my life for a certain number of years, my boyfriend and I comprise her whole life and we are the only parents she will ever know.