The Brunch Diaries


Welcome back to the blog! I hope you have all had a pleasant and productive week. I like organization and my planner is literally one of my most prized possessions. Anyone that knows me knows that every fall, the hunt for the new planner begins. 

That being said, I will be introducing a new addition to my Sunday blogging: the brunch diaries. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Every Sunday, I will be eating brunch at a new location wherever I am on the globe and will blog about it. 

This tradition starts today at William's Landing in Toronto's Liberty Village. I walk up the flight of stairs and am greeted by what looks like a nightclub hostess. Woah, girl. I thought this was brunch. I was a bit surprised by the low cut clubbing dress and full face of makeup, but hey, it's Liberty Village, should I really be surprised? Nah. 

I order my latte and my breakfast asap. I'm starving- as always. I got the Landing Breakfast: two eggs any style (decided to go with the sunny side up because apparently I'm 5), bacon, potatoes, fruit and buttered multigrain toast. Everything was good and the fresh jam was delightful, but the eggs were a bit gooey for my liking. 

The ambiance is great and the service was very fast. Would I go back? Yes. Blown away? Nah.

I was way too hungry to take nice pictures, it was almost noon and I hadn't eaten yet. THE STRUGGLE WAS REAL.