The Brunch Diaries: Bang Bang

Hey everyone!

HOW AMAZING IS THIS WEATHER? Fellow East Coasters can rejoice with me in this wonderful meteorological phenomenon. For those of you who enjoy 24/7 365 nice weather, go die in your happy, sunny hole. 

On this marvellous Sunday, I am thankful for so much: my independence and ability to make my own choices amongst much else. And boy, have I exercised that right today. I had a gourmet as f*ck ice cream sandwich for brunch today and I regret nothing (#noragrets lol, amiright?). 

We made our way to Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery in Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood. When we got there, there was a line up that went all the way outside the parlour. I wasn't even surprised. We Canadians are so thirsty for nice weather since it's only hot 4 months out of the year. Any opportunity to wear shorts is taken advantage of. Can I just go off on a tangent...I saw guys rocking that short-sleeve-shirt-with-a-puffer-vest look and a woman wearing shorts and rocking her Canada Goose... Seemingly, no fucks were given. 

The ice cream is made in house so after staring at the wall of flavours for as long as I had to wait in line for (what a blessing in disguise), I opted for the ice cream sandwich: burnt toffee ice cream between an 'everything cookie'. So basically, they cut the gourmet cookie that had chocolate chips, peanuts and pretzels in half, put the ice cream in between and serve. I will never settle for shitty vanilla ice cream between two soggy chocolate wafers EVER AGAIN. Praise the Lord, I've seen the light. 

Torontonians, you must try this place, it's amazing and worth the wait. However, expect to pay a little more than you would at DQ or Baskin Robbins, for example. It's on Ossington, so the plethora of cute little shops can turn your ice cream antics into a nice little afternoon of shopping and discovering.

Now, get off your computer, go outside and enjoy the rest of the day! 

Can we just take a moment and praise that sheer determination in the below picture?

Thanks for reading, and until next time, stay gold,

Tara Salloum