She sells seashells by the seashore

Hey everyone!

I've kind of fallen in love with Pinterest and have taken on a couple of DIY projects (if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed this). 

The first one I want to share with you is the seashell trinket holder. Now, I don't know what your jewelry box/holder/situation is, but I can tell you that mine is kind of a mess. I have so many little rings and dainty bracelets that I kind of just throw on my night table at the end of the day. Point being, it can get a little messy. So, when I was first looking for something to better my jewelry organization (or lack thereof), I found some cute holders at Urban Outfitters. Much like every encounter with anything in that store, I am immediately in love... and then I check the price tag. And here is, ladies and gentleman, my melancholic relationship with UO. It's a given that anything in that store fits my style. What is NOT a given is me paying 40$ for a little ring holder. 

I first found a tutorial on Lauren Conrad's website (how basic of me, right?), and it involved oyster shells. I was like HEYYYYYY I'll just go to Oyster Boy and ask for a couple shells. They're going to throw them out anyways. But, yeah... no to the fishy smell. Also, oyster shells are a little too small and I needed more of a surface. I opted for big scallop shells. Like... mermaid bra shells, ya dig? 

I had some gold paint leftover from well... painting, so I just used that with a Dollarama brush we had laying around the house. I put 2 coats of paint, letting it dry between layers and voilà! It makes a very easy and stylish way to store your little beloved pieces. Also, with everything included it cost about 3$, so... take that Urban. 

Bonjour chers lecteurs! 

Comme toutes les filles du monde, je suis éprise d'amour pour l'application Pinterest et ses multiples projets 'DIY'. Si vous me suivez sur Instagram, vous l'aurez sans doute remarqué. 

Le premier petit projet que je voulais partager avec vous est un petit titulaire de bijoux. Je ne sais pas quelles sont vos habitudes, mais j'aime bien être organiser et je voulais quelque chose de petit et simple. J'ai une panoplie de bagues et de bracelets que je mets un peu n'importe où, donc je voulais débarrasser ma table de nuit du désordre actuel. Je suis donc allée chez Urban Outfitters, mais comme d'habitude, j'aime tout sauf les prix. Un petit titulaire pour bagues coûte 40$, mais franchement

La première idée est venue du site web de Lauren Conrad et implique des coquilles d'huîtres peints en or. J'habite à 5 minutes de marche d'un restaurant d'huîtres, mais oh la, l'odeur de poisson, non merci! J'ai donc opté pour des coquilles Saint-Jacques et elles font très bien l'affaire. En plus, la surface est plus grande. J'avais de la peinture couleur or à la maison et un vieux pinceau. Le prix du projet? 3$. 

In' it so cute?