Calling all dog parents!

Since getting my own dog, my lifestyle has definitely changed. My little furry baby is always on my mind and I can't really permit myself to be selfish. She's a commitment and depends on me, so I've definitely noticed myself making more adult like choices. Heading to a patio after my day at the office was a usual for me, but now... not so much. If I'm out for more than a couple of hours, I need to head home to walk my pooch. One thing is for certain: Marley is a spoiled little princess and she knows it. She strolls down the streets of Toronto like the owns the town and gladly stops at any chance to get pet. Like a proud mama, it makes me smile and I concede defeat and answer all the typical questions. "Yes, black pugs are less common. Her name is Marley, she's 1 and she weighs 10 lbs." 

Here's a list of essentials that I've come up with for all you pet parents out there. I'm not about carrying a huge dog bag, but rather have found compact solutions that fit into my every day purses (albeit, I've since ditched small messenger bags- I literally haven't worn my mini Celine in a year). 

1- Poop bags + dispenser

Oh the glory! How many times I've had to pull out a hair from down unda in the middle of King Street at rush hour. You can never have enough of these lavender scented bags and the holder makes it easy to find in my purse and I know that if she decides to poop 4 separate times, I'm prepared. 

2- Small towel 

As my white shorts have learned, dogs are a messy species. Bearing this in mind, keeping a small face towel will be your saving grace on that particularly annoying day. 

I personally have a little Lacoste towel I throw in my bag. I don't remember where I got it, but here's the link to the Lacoste website for your reference.

3- Treats

Sometimes, when I bring Marley to an off-leash park, she decides she's too cool for her mom and pretends not to hear me which makes getting her back on the leash a nightmare. That is why I always carry some of her favourite treats. 

I buy homemade organic treats from Bulk Barn. I love that they post the ingredients so I know what goes into them. She loves them and buying in bulk is worth it! Everyone wins. I buy the all natural mini breath busters, organic vegetable heart shaped treats and the organic salmon heart shaped treats. I also buy her natural deer antlers that last months. 

4- It's all about the fashion baby!

Anyone who knows us knows that our entrance closet is full of outfits for Marley: coats, vests, harnesses, leashes, boots, you name it. Call me crazy, but I think she loves it because she will sit still any time I'm putting some new purchase on her. I like dressing her like a boy (camo print, black, reflective- ideal for nighttime considering she's so black) I guess you can say she's a gender bending pug. 

I do have some collars for her, but I don't ever walk her in them, they're purely for decorative purposes. Pugs have big eyes and if they pull too hard on a collar or another dog bites their neck, their eyes could literally pop out of their socket. 

5- Portable pop-up bowl

Especially on those hot summer days, it's very important to keep your little one hydrated! I had one of those bottles that had a tray attached to it, but it kept leaking in my purse. So, I opted for a pop-up bowl because I can get water anywhere. It was about 5$ at Winners. 

6- Bath time!

When we got Marley, she had dry skin and since she's so black, dandruff was very noticeable on her coat. I tried so many different shampoos, but none seemed to work to my standards. I'm also a big organic believer so I always try and steer towards brands that offer such products. 

That being said, my recent favourite is Burt's Bees line for dogs. I have the deodorizing shampoo in apple and eucalyptus, the itch soothing spray in honeysuckle and the multicare dental spray in mint (I bought the whole line at Winners for 5-7$). The latter is a little hard to administer because spraying something into her mouth is near impossible. She also doesn't have a snout so I can't grab onto anything to keep her mouth open. If your pup has a stanky mouth you may want to opt for something like Tropiclean's Fresh Breath Plus which is a water additive (which I bought at my local pet store). 

Depuis l’arrivé de Marley, mon style de vie a définitivement changé. Mon bébé requiert beaucoup de mon temps et je trouve que je pense à elle à journée longue. Une chose est certaine: elle est une princesse et le fait savoir à tout le monde. Elle marche les rues de Toronto et s’arrête à chaque opportunité d’être choyer par n’importe qui. Comme une maman fière je réponds aux mêmes questions “oui, les carlins noirs sont plus rares, son nom est Marley… oui, comme Bob Marley, elle a 1 an et elle pèse 10 livres.”

Voici une liste d’essentiels qui feront l’affaire et qui vous permettront de porter n’importe quelle sacoche!

1- Sacs en plastic + distributeur 

J’adore ces sacs en plastic parfumés et en plus le distributeur est compact. Je sais que les fois où elle décide de déféquer 4 fois en une heure, je serais préparée.

2- Une petite serviette 

Comme mes shorts blancs le savent maintenant, les chiens sont des êtres malpropres. Ceci étant dit, une petite serviette sera un salut du bon Dieu. 

J’ai une serviette Lacoste que j’apporte partout. Je ne me souviens plus où je l’ai acheté, mais voici le lien Lacoste pour votre référence. 

3- Régal pour chiens

Pour les fois où votre chien se pense trop cool et décide de ne pas vous écouter!

J’achète en masse de chez Bulk Barn et en plus, ils sont organiques et faits maison. J’aime savoir les ingrédients qu’ils utilisent, Marley les adore et acheter en masse vaut la peine!

4- Pour l’amour de la mode

Nos amis savent que l’entrée de notre appartement est plein de vêtements pour Marley: des manteaux, des vestes, des lesses, des bottes, la liste est infinie.

5- Un bol portable pour chiens 

Quand il fait chaud, il est très important de garder votre petit bébé hydraté! Les bouteilles présentent un risque de fuite, donc j’ai opté pour le bol puisque je peux acheter ou obtenir de l’eau n’importe où. 5$ de chez Winners.

6- Le bain!

Quand nous avons eu Marley, elle avait la peau très sèche. J'ai essayé une multitude de marques, mais rien n'a très bien fonctionné. J'aime bien les produits organiques, donc j'essaye d'acheter organique autant que possible.

La ligne pour chiens Burt's Bees est idéale pour les gens comme moi. J'ai le shampoing, le spray et le rinse bouche. Chaque produit était entre 5 et 7$ au Winners. Je n'ai pas encore réussi avec le rinse bouche, elle a peur et devient agitée, donc j'opte pour la solution Tropiclean que j'ajoute à son eau.