Magic Show, Photoshoots and a Roadtrip!

I have been so busy and have not had the time to blog for 10 days! Ahhhhh. Withdrawal symptoms surfacing. Must blog. My experience at the Pan Am Games has been amazing, it's such long days (12 hours in the blistering hot sun), but I honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. When I realize I'm a part of something that's shining an international spotlight on Toronto, I'm so proud and honoured! It's my excuse as to why I've been away for 10 days, but the important thing is that I'm back and like grabbing a coffee with a friend, let's recap baby. 

I've been up to a lot and I can't wait to share everything that's coming up in the next couple of weeks! I know you guys follow me on Instagram, so it's basically like you're with me always, but I do want to touch on a couple of things that I attended in the past week!

Zack Mirza's Show at SoHo House 

One of my girlfriend's invited me to Zack Mirza's first show in Toronto's SoHo House. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was SO excited to attend! I was shooting a couple people all day, so it was a nice day to unwind with girlfriends. The illusions were trippy as hell and I still don't understand how he does it- I even dropped melted cheese all over my skirt I was in such awe at his performance. After the show, we got to meet Zack himself and his team. He's so down to earth and I'm glad we got to chat. We even hopped in the photobooth for some Polaroid fun!

Please make sure to check out his show 'Illusions of Grandeur' Fridays at 830 pm on CityTV! He was telling me stories that are coming up on the show and you WILL NOT want to miss! And also give him a follow on Instagram @zackmirza to follow him on his journey :) 

Marley's Photoshoot with Off Leash Studios

She was scouted at Trinity Bellwoods Park (what a top model) so I brought her in a couple days later. Kevin at Off Leash Studios was so great (and patient!). He got some amazing shots and it's so hard for me to pick which ones I want to post here and which ones I want to blow up and hang ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Go check out his website here and be sure to follow him on Instagram!

Roadtrip to Wasaga

Sometimes, you just have to get away from the city and appreciate nature. I had a couple days off, so a friend of mine was kind enough to let us stay in his beach house. Turns out it was biker weekend (like vroom vroom bikes, not like hipster ting ting bikes), so that was interesting. Picture Sons of Anarchy meets Venice Beach? Paint that mental picture. 

We also drove to Collingwood to eat at The Smoke, which has been featured on The Food Network. Personally, I wouldn't go back there and don't really understand its feature on the show 'You Gotta Eat Here'. My platter included beef brisket in hot vinegar sauce, ribs and pulled pork in smokey sweet sauce with two sides of mac n cheese and baked beans. My food was cold by the time it got to the table which, for this kind of food is plain sad (isn't it right off the bbq?). The mac n cheese was made with penne which is kind of weird, but second to the fact that it was pasty and equally cold. Honestly, it wasn't the experience the show made it out to be and I couldn't be more in disagreement with John Catucci. 

Beach day and night time bonfire made up for the yucky meal though! Silver lining!