Pool Bar Essentials + Giveaway Monday!

Sharing is caring and Monday's suck. Can we all agree to that? Amen. 

That being said, I'm already thinking of the weekend and decided to share my poolside/beach essentials with you so that whatever life throws at you, you're covered. 

1- Sunscreen 

Is that lame that it's at the top of my list? No, it is not. Having an olive complexion, I have totally skipped this step and claimed that I have never burnt in my life, which I haven't yet. It's better to be safe than sorry, so just wear it! If you know you're going to sweat it out and be in the water a lot, opt for a sweat-proof/waterproof one like the Ombrelle one here.

2- Hat & Shades 

Sunglasses are a given, but the hat is a particular necessity since I have dark hair. It seems the top of my head heats up and it has lead to heat strokes in the past (yikes!). So, take it from my experience, you don't want that, so just bring a cap. 

3- Extra Bathing Suit or Undergarments 

Let's say you spent all day at the beach or at a pool bar and your friends want to continue the festivities at a bar or club in the city, but you only wore your bathing suit under your clothes. That's where the extra suit or undergarments come into play. Change into something dry and you're ready to continue partying. Because #morals. 

4- Speaker 

This is more useful if you're opting for a beach day, because let's face it pool bars aren't lacking in loud music. No one wants to listen to Rihanna on a staticky phone speaker. So be cool and get a Bluetooth speaker. 

5- Extra phone battery/Mophie Case 

Especially if you're rocking an iPhone, bring an extra battery (you know the ones that look like umbilical cords running from your phone to said battery?) or a Mophie case. That sad battery life won't last you till noon if you're the designated DJ for the day. 


In other exciting news, I'm doing a giveaway starting today until Wednesday noon (Eastern Time). I'm giving away 2 tickets to Cabana Pool Bar's Corona Sunsets this Saturday!! 

All you have to do to enter is 1) follow me on Instagram @taraleighrose, 2) like the picture (of the tickets... duh? But I still have to mention it) and in the comments, tag someone you would like to go with!