When in Kitchener/Waterloo...

Traveling for work is always fun, but when you're with a great team, it makes it even better. This past weekend, I was working at the Kitchener's Blues Festival, so my team and I made sure to check out a few culinary spots. So, if you're ever in the KW area, here are some spots you may want to eat at:

Borealis Grille & Bar

Set in an old school, this place definitely has some eerie charm to it. Old photographs adorn the walls and I'm pretty sure the ghosts of students passed roam the place. Although we were one of two tables seated in the entire restaurant, it did take a while for our food to be served. It's a good thing it was worth the wait. Check out their full menu here.

William's Fresh Cafe

Grabbing a quick bite to eat is often synonymous with junk food. This is not the case with William's Fresh Cafe. A great variety of quick healthy meals were at our disposal and honestly, I've never had a better rice box. 

Moose Winooski's 

Disclaimer: if you're allergic to peanuts, get the f*** outta there as the floor is covered with them. The whole theme of this restaurant is, you guessed it, all things moose. There's even moose footsteps imprinted into the ground. Apparently, they have the best wings in town, but since I don't eat wings, I opted for the fish tacos that were probably equally as satisfying. Their menu is extensive, so check it out here. Oh, if you're a sports fan, then please do go here. They've got you covered with hundreds of TV's; even in the bathroom!


I'll be headed to Montreal this weekend to cover the Ile Soniq music festival. Follow me on Snapchat @taraleighrose to see my live feed! I'll probably cry once Die Antwoord comes on stage (YOLANDI 4EVAH).