Green Beauty

The more I got into beauty products, the more I asked myself who was making them, where they came from, what was I actually putting on my skin. The main thing for me, is animal cruelty. I love my dogs to death and I can't imagine them going through pain. I have such a hard time using products if I know they've been tested on animals or have harmed animals in any way.  

There's also the stigma that green products don't work as well; but, that's not really the case if you seek out good quality products. 

Sarah Chan, the owner of the green health and beauty store The Natural Code, invited me to shoot an editorial for their store using products from NC. Honestly. it looked amazing and she even showed me a vegan nail polish remover/cuticle oil. It's made of entirely organic ingredients and takes off nail polish as efficiently as acetone based remover. 

I can't yet show you the photoshoot, but I obviously will once I am allowed to share the pics! 

The two products I really want to talk about are a hair conditioner from The Natural Code and my lip saver from Lush. Both Canadian. Gotta show my support, eh?

Okra Winfrey (isn't the name alone a selling point?) by Suds Atorium - Fair Trade Organic Vegan Cruelty-Free

This little number is a hair conditioner "for hair in phenomenally bad nick; be it dyed, fried or fiendishly frizzy". Uhm, yes, I want it, please and thank you. 

The ingredients listed on the bottle are: fresh organic okra, organic borage and organic non-GMO corn silk infusion, fresh organic green grape, fair trade wild harvested ucuuba butter, organic cold pressed grapeseed oil, palm-free vegetable derived acetyl alcohol, organic white balsamic vinegar, organic lavender oil, organic rosemary oil, hand harvested sea salt. 

While the list is long, I understand everything on the label! Plus, 5% of all proceeds are given to grassroots charities. 

It smells amazing and conditions my hair as well as the John Frieda Beach line one I have loved and used for a while. FYI, John Frieda is animal cruelty-free as well, although not vegan.

Mint Chocolate Julips Scrub by LUSH Cosmetics - Vegan

I have used this product since 2012, no joke. It always seems like my lips are dry and this is such a great quick fix scrub. Plus, mint chocolate is one of my favourite scents SLASH I'll eat the sh*t out of mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's basically a sugar scrub that rejuvenates the lips and gets rid of dead flaky skin (ew).

Ingredients listed are: castor sugar, cold pressed organic jojoba oil, vanilla extract, tagetes oil, peppermint oil, limonene flavour (occurs naturally in essential oils). 

My point here is not to badger vegan products on you. Sometimes, I think to myself it's a losing battle; that animal love won't trump multi-billion dollar businesses. 

As for me, my conscious is clear by using products like those mentioned above. I want to eat as healthy as possible, so why not also apply those standards to what I put on my face and body?