Alessia Cara at The Danforth Music Hall

The Danforth Music Hall is one of those venues that should never change. High ceilings, with dusty old chandeliers make for a perfectly intimate concert. That's the way I like to watch singers I admire. I want to actually hear the person and see them - not on a giant projector. 

Sunday night, I crossed the bridge into a whole new world (jk, I've been on the East end... once... for my work's Christmas Party at Boots 'N' Bourbon, but that's a whole other story). A friend at The Post Office - Music & Sound Design Agency, hooked Ash up with tickets to the Alessia Cara show. I was stoked since it the two night stint was sold out. 

I have a hard time believing Alessia is only 19. I have a 19 year old brother, and I can't imagine him holding as much responsibility and having to deal with such visibility. Her voice is amazing live and she's absolutely lovely to watch. 

Congratulations to her single 'Here' making it to No 1 on Billboard's Hot Hip-Hop & RnB and consequently, booting the 6 God himself to No 2 on the Billboard.

6 God is watching though, and you all know what that means. Album. Probably. Dropping. Soon. *Cringing at all the impending Instagram captions of Drake lyrics*

While the show was short and sweet (about an hour long set), I can't wait to watch her grow into her music and see where she takes her career. Toronto talent. It's real.