I know I've been absent from social and my blog, but a lot has changed in the past month. I've started a new job at Deck Agency and Ash and I recently closed on a condo. Job change was necessary, I was no longer happy and it wasn't a fit for me, and that's ok. I was stuck between being honest with myself about being unhappy and disappointing the amazing people that hired me. It's ok for a job to not be a fit and it's ok to resign. After all, you're spending so much time at work that you deserve to be in an environment you enjoy. 

The whole home-buying process really took over our lives. Real estate is hot in Toronto and, at times, it made the process of finding a home exhausting. We'd find a place we'd like and book a viewing, only for it to sell before we had a chance to go see it. The home-buying experience was even stressful for the dogs. They'd never experienced moving, so even just the presence of all the boxes made them uneasy. Especially for our pug, Marley, she's so little I think everything is big and scary to her. Now that everything's unpacked, I wanted to share some tips that could help you if you're looking for a home.

  1. Change what makes you unhappy: this applies to more than just your living situation
  2. Trust an expert: rely on experts to explain the things you don't understand
  3. Don't lose hope: I definitely did, but the market being hot means that there are constantly new listings, so you'll definitely find your forever home 
  4. Work out: it's going to get real, you'll want to turn to exercise and yoga (this also applies to more than just your living situation) 
  5. When you get tired of looking, don't settle for just any place: if you have a vision, trust that you'll find it 
  6. Take your time decorating and make it fun 

It's crazy how much positive change can foster tranquility. I feel at home, quite literally.