Baby, it's cold outside

Oh Canada, land of the free and the freezing cold winter. Now that I'm in Toronto, I find winter much more tolerable. There's hardly any snow in the city in comparison to Montreal where a 6 foot snow bank is, well, the norm. 

Nevertheless, I can't go out in my usual leather jacket and T combo, so I have put my bad boys to rest for the winter (jokes, I still wear them under my winter parkas), and have opted to rock an OOKPIK World creation. 

OOKPIK 'Winter' Coat

OOKPIK 'Winter' Coat

The jacket is semi fitted with attach hood and non detachable fur stripe. What I love about it is that it has a fooler and the hand inserts, so it keeps me extra warm. 

If in the market for a winter parka, head over to for winter wear inspo. xx