DIY White Marble Coffee Table

DIY is usually where all Pinterest dreams go to die. However, I've recently rekindled that flame and set aside some realistic aspirations. Long are the days where I attempt to replicate anything intricate or over complicated. I realized the key to success is merely setting objectives I could reach. 

That being said, I've been looking for a coffee table for quite some time. Ash and I have redecorated our whole place, and it was the only missing piece. He got the amazing idea of covering a table top with white marble contact paper! I must say, it looks amazing and cost under 50$. 

Here's what you'll need (other than the table, of course): 

TIP* To avoid air bubbles, I bought some foam bristol boards from the Dollarama and just pressed it along the surface as we stuck the paper to the table. 

*Pug not included

*Pug not included

Bringing my Instagram game way up. WAAAAAAY UP I FEEL BLESSED. 

Faire du bricolage? Hmmm, non merci. Ce n'est jamais aussi beau que la photo et franchement, j'en avais marre de mes projets faits maison. 

Nous avons redécoré la maison, mais il nous manquait encore une table dans le salon. Mon copain a eu l'idée géniale de mettre un adhésif décoratif sur une table simple. On a fait le tout pour moins de 50$! 

Ce dont vous aurez de besoin: 

Un conseil pour éviter les bulles d'air: achetez un carton épais/mousse de stiro du Dollarama et appuyez tout en collant l'adhésif.

Le produit final réussi, je retrouve mon amour du bricolage. 

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