To the beat of Sudio

Listening to music is a therapeutic experience. When I commute to work in the morning, I listen to music. When I get overwhelmed due to my busy schedule, I meditate and listen to music. When I'm happy and enjoying time with friends, I listen to music. 

Life necessitates music: in good times and in bad. That's why I value my listening device just as much. I don't love headphones, but rather opt for earphones. Some time ago, I tried the Lady Gaga Beats (yes, I own those... I know). However, they didn't stay in the ear very well and they're at the bottom of my tech bin as I type. Pretty, but not functional. 

Sudio is a lifestyle brand from Sweden that designs simplistic, high quality earphones. Fun fact: the founder actually met Phil Collins in NYC and after having a laugh about how annoying earphones could be, they named the company Sudio after his "Sussudio" song. 

Since I'm an Android girl, I got the Sudio Vasa, Swedish Design for Android device. The box comes with the earphones, 4 different size ear buds, a cable clip, a leather case and manuals. I really like connecting my earphones to my phone, so having the remote/mic is essential. I need to answer calls and be able to change songs, adjust the volume as need be. However, you can browse the different options and see what works for you. 

All you need to know if that they're noise reducing and the sound is crisp as hell. 

If you want to snag yourself a pair, use my code taraleighrose for 15% off! Always free worldwide shipping. Enjoy!