Story Time: 3 year anniversary!

Ash & I have been together for 3 years this week! Since Mr. Travel Bug is in Thailand next weekend, he had a whole surprise day planned out for us on Saturday. And it was all a surprise! 

We got into the car and drove to Yorkville (hmm.. if you know me, you know that's not my typical hangout neighbourhood) and ate on a patio. Then, he goes "ok, let's go to Bloor... you need to find an outfit that's dressy for tonight"! So, keep in mind I have no idea where we're going tonight or what's in store for me today. 

Of course, the first store we hit up is Club Monaco (sorry Margaux! I went to the market without you... LOVE YOUUUUU :D). I found exactly what I was looking for within 20 minutes and, get this, they even steamed it and got it all prim and proper for me. 

Then, we head back to the car and and drive.. more north? Huh... Then, we pull up to the Four Seasons. Uh, what? The friendly valet opens the door and escorts us in. Ash had booked a surprise day at the Four Seasons with a much needed couples massage. We spent the day at the pools sunbathing! The best kind of Saturday, if you ask me. plus an aromatherapy couples massage? Yes, please.

After the massage, I headed back to the locker room to get ready for this "supper". I was all giddy trying to figure out where we were going to eat. Knowing Ash, it was going to be good... maybe it's a restaurant that Drake raps about? 

I open my locker room to find a gift bag. I gasped and quickly closed it thinking it was someone else's locker. But... nope. It was mine. Ash had gotten someone to sneak a gift into my locker during our massages. So, Ash of him! The sweetest man that can still surprise me after 3 years. I opened it up to find the Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla perfume. The one I've been wanting! How did he know? I said it once in passing months ago. Now, that's listening. 

Up next, dinner at Sassafraz - yum! The atmosphere was great, the food, even better! We both got the bison and it was to die for. 

All in all, it was an amazing day; I couldn't have asked for more. We went home and walked the pups and that's when I realized: this is all I want. To come home with him to our little dogs and watch them play fetch and tug together. If you're wondering, Callie has gotten HUGE (she's already 30 lbs and is only 4 months old) and she totally gets bullied by our 10 lb Marley. But, you know, Marley's the queen. Queen bitch, that is.

Ash, to these past 3 years and to many more! 

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