Counter Culture Does Dinner

Is there anything better than catching up with great friends? 

Counter Culture had the opportunity to try the new Spring menu at Entice Culinary Lounge this weekend. 

Of course, if you've read my last blog post, you know that I loved the brunch... and truthfully, dinner didn't disappoint! A much different experience than brunch, but equally as creative and tasty. 

Like all good things, we started off with some cocktails. And by we, I mean Ash, Margaux, Diala and I. I, naturally, ordered a mimosa to which the mixologist replied "no". I was so taken aback that I laughed. He continued "you can get a mimosa ANYWHERE, get one of our creations. We infuse everything in-house". MKAAAYYYYY I like it. I ended up having the Llama Land which has pisco (silent, but deadly!), rose liqueur, guava juice and black pepper. So light and refreshing, I'm glad I listened to his suggestion. Have a look for yourself at the delicious food:

If you're not drooling by now, something's wrong with you. The creativity and mix of flavours in these dishes was to die for. 

For now, I'm going to hit the gym and work off this amazingly delicious food, because this gal's gotta be in a bikini next month. Excited to share more on that! 

Have a lovely week XOXO