The Ease of Traveling with American Express


Ash and I have been American Express Card members for a couple years now. When we were shopping around for a joint card, the Front Of The Line access and earning Membership Rewards made sense for our lifestyle. So, when Amex Canada reached out as part of a partnership for the Cobalt Card, it felt more than authentic! 

As you’ve probably noticed from my Instagram, I was in Europe for a press trip and we decided to redeem our Membership Rewards points for Ash’s flights so he could join me. We’re a couple that eats out a lot, so earning points has been easy since we’ve been collecting 5x the points on eligible eats & drinks all around Toronto with the Cobalt Card. We then can redeem with ease through Amex’s fixed-points-for-travel system. We live to discover new cultures, so the opportunity to have Ash join me and not have to pay outright for the flight was all part of living that #AMEXLIFE!

After meeting in Paris, we took a short flight to Lisbon and couldn’t wait to explore and eat some delicious seafood. I instantly fell in love with the city’s architecture and old cobblestone streets. The people are so charming and live music is played on what seems like every street corner. What I enjoy most in Europe is the relationship to food. It’s normal to sit and enjoy a meal for 2+ hours. It’s so different from our fast-paced lives in Toronto, but it’s a welcomed change.

Given that we’re in Europe and paying everything in Euros, it’s awesome to have the Amex App handy to help us track our spending. We’ve set up personalized notifications like balance updates and bill payment reminders, because we wouldn’t want to miss something while we’re away!

We’re all about having fun and traveling, but not at the expense of our financial responsibility, so having the Amex App update in real-time allows us to go about our day stress-free.

Exploring new cities with Ash + using our Amex Cobalt Card = earning points towards future travel!

BRB, going to eat all the food! Next up, Pareeee. xx

This post was sponsored by American Express Canada, however the opinions expressed are my own.