Extended Skincare Routine

First off, I would like to say that this is in no way sponsored. I’ve gotten many messages about what I use on a daily basis, so I thought I’d immortalize the advice in the form of a post.

I’ve always been into skincare, but much like everything else in my life, I’m really coming into my own and understanding myself as I age… skin included. My family owns a manufacturing lab, so my mom constantly sends me products to test out and I’m at a point where I like my daily routine and have found what works for me.

I know I’ve written about my skincare before (post here), and I still include a lot of the products named there, but I developed eczema last winter, so I’ve added products that don’t irritate my eczema and a weekly mini facial to help with keeping the skin moisturized and clear. Needless to say, I’ve experimented over the last year, but I’m in a place where my skin feels amazing and looks glowing. Many of you have asked me what I use, and it’s honestly a long one, so buckle up!


  • Wash face with gentle cleanser

  • Jouviance exfoliator: only twice a week to gently peel away dead skin cells

  • Thayer’s witch hazel toner: A lot of toners have alcohol in them, which I try and avoid since it dehydrates. I also switched to reusable pads instead of single use cotton pads. I buy these from Logan and Finley, but there are many alternatives out there

  • Roll serum on with a jade roller I keep in the fridge 

  • Odacite serums: you can shop these based on your needs and even mix them together. I am using the glow serum (green tea and lemongrass) + Odacite dull skin serum (passion fruit and orange)

  • Consonant hydraextreme serum 

  • Chanel Solution 10 moisturizer : I swear by this stuff; it’s amazing and I like that there are only 10 ingredients

  • Consonant organic eye cream: my eye area is VERY sensitive and I’ve had bad reactions in the past. This cream is organic and moisturizing, so I SOFTLY rub it around my eye and on my eyelid (yup… eyelid gets eczema too *sigh)

  • Glossier Invisible Shield: I always use an SPF during the day, it’s such an important step and necessary all year round


  • Remove makeup with Chanel L’Huile: I’ve always used oil cleansers to remove makeup because I use waterproof mascara. This one is unlike anything I’ve tried; it doesn’t irritate my eyes like coconut oil would and it rinses off without leaving an oily film on my face which I found happened with a lot of oil cleansers

  • Massage Chanel La Mousse cleanser to fully clean the skin

  • Witch hazel toner

  • Retinol capsules from Elizabeth Arden: don’t use this during the day because retinol reacts with sunlight. Also, I asked someone from EA and the capsules are biodegradable

Mini Facial (every 2-3 days)

  • Wash face with Chanel La Mousse

  • Wash face with Odacite matcha tea and spirulina cleanser: it’s such a cool product, just add a tiny bit in your hand, add a couple drops of water and it foams up!

  • Odacite clay mask 

  • Mix Odacite glow serum + wild carrot serum and pat on face 

  • Use the Odacite gua sha to give myself a lymphatic draining facial: works wonders for clearing skin and draining lymphatic system, but it’ll likely make you break out a tad the first time since you’re just pushing toxins to the surface, but honestly only happened to me the very first time

  • Consonant Hydraextreme (2-3 drops) and pat on face

  • Chanel Solution 10 moisturizer 

  • Consonant organic eye cream

I hope this helps! Skincare routines are so personal, but if you have any questions, feel free to email or DM me. Have a great weekend xx