Five Days in NYC

New York, New York… one of the cities I’ll never tire of. There’s always something to do, eat or buy (that dollar exchange thoughhhhhhh. Crying for my wallet).

After Hawaii, Ash, Katherine, Ryan and I were looking for the next getaway. Since working schedules were a bit of an issue, we decided on a five day trip to the Big Apple. Honestly, all we did was eat and shop, so if you’re looking for a cultural guide, I’m not your girl.


Arlo SoHo, 231 Hudson St, New York, NY - beautiful hotel, minimal with the BEST (free!) 5 à 7. Unlimited wine, beer and appetizers was a welcome touch after the long days spent walking around exploring.



ATLA - although this was very good, it was quite expensive and portions are small. Definitely a mistake to have gone here on the first night after a day of traveling (aka starving).

La Esquina - I purposely didn’t film or show anything because this is an experience you MUST live. It’s definitely reminiscent of some Montreal speakeasies, so check it out if you’re in town and love Mexican food.


Bar Pitti - Authentic as it gets. The waiter even knew the vineyard in Gavi where Ash and I got engaged. Staff is honest (he flat out told me I should order another dish and to trust him on it). He was absolutely right, I am salivating at the thought of my pasta dish.

Lombardi’s - America’s first pizzeria, how could I not try this place out? If you’re looking for something casual, this place has got you covered. I’m talking paper plates level simple, but ingredients are amazing and I’d go back for the Caesar salad (Margaux, I can HEAR your eyes roll lol).

Shake Shack - I did a first impressions re: Shake Shack burger on film. It will be included on my NYC vlog.

Joe’s Pizza - As featured on Spider-Man (like, Toby Macguire version). Quick and good, perfect thing to grab in Brooklyn in between shopping.

Lil’ Frankies - Recommended to me by ultimate cool girl Blair McGregor, I really liked this spot as well. If you’re familiar with Sugo in Toronto, it’s very similar vibes.


Jack’s Wife Frieda - LOVE. I’d never gone before because there was always really long lineups, but it was different and fresh. Really enjoyed the mix of Lebanese yogurt, grapefruit and mint for breakfast, it was simple, but again, I’m all for simple, delicious ingredients.

Egg Shop - not really my jam, don’t love a full menu of just eggs, but including it here if it is up your alley! Would pass on this if I were in the city again.

Westlight - this is tough for me to write down because I’d had an AMAZING experience at the William Vale in 2016. Granted, the hotel wasn’t even open yet and we had a VVIP experience. This time around, the staff was rude and just not really helpful. The view is beautiful, but you’re most likely sitting at a table inside, so I’d probably pass on this spot as well and try out another rooftop in BK).

Harold’s - the restaurant at the Arlo Soho had beautiful greenhouses in which you could have a meal. Will feature it in my vlog once it’s up later this week!


I feel like shopping and NYC are synonymous, but I really wanted to avoid the “spend-just-because-I’m-on-vacation-rodeo”. I wanted to come back with carefully curated pieces that I could pass on. There are so many stylish people in NYC, so I thought it was really the place to dig for gold. And boy, was I right.

For the most part, American companies/brands/retailers are also available in Canada, so that’s why a lot of my focus and therefore this guide is thrift and vintage stores.

Beacon’s Closet - found a pair of Louboutin’s for $60 USD. Enough said. There were also tons of Manolo’s on the floor, but I’d been looking for a nude heel, so I decided on the one. They were voted ‘Best NYC Thrift Store’ by Gothamist and ‘Best Store Local’s Pick’ by Time Out NY; and with good reason. One of the best selections ever!

L Train - I’ve caved and bought yee-frickin’-haww boots ok. I’ve yet to style them, but I figured a high quality pair is $500++ new, so what’s the harm in trying out the trend for $30 USD.

Stella Dallas - there’s the clothing and home stores, so really great selection and wide range of things to find here!

Aimé Leon Dore - I was very surprised by how nice the staff was (I guess it’s because typically, hype stores have egotistical douchebags as staff *cough Supreme). Really love what these guys are doing and was impressed by their first collaboration shoe with New Balance.

260 Sample Sale - I happened to attend the Rent The Runway sample sale which was quite busy. I found a DVF wrap dress for $40 USD and went on my way. They have a full schedule that you can check out here!

&Other Stories - I always make a point to go here when I’m in the US or Europe because they don’t ship to Canada.