I'm a what? Learning all about fit with Fortnight

This simple thing can be life changing. 

And by this, I'm referring to a proper fitting bra. Mainstream stores carry certain sizes (usually from 32 A - 38 DD), but I'm outside that "norm", so I wasn't sure where to shop. I'd accepted the fact that a 32 D was the best of my options and I've been buying/wearing that since I was 16. 

I'd seen some of the Fortnight collection at LoversLand during bridal appointments, but I had no idea that the founders put so much emphasis on fit. To be honest, I've never had a proper fitting done either - something I should've done a long time ago. I definitely could've avoided back and shoulder pain. 

I went to the Fortnight studio for a fitting and, folks, I'll never be the same person. Turns out, I'm a 30 E. My initial reaction = what the fuck. No, I'm not. Now, idgaf what size I am, I'm just happy that my straps aren't seeping into my shoulders and that a bra fits properly around my bust. I COULD CRY. 

I began to wonder why big retailers don't offer more sizing options, but it would definitely cut into profit margins to make so many sizes per style. If you want a fit guide, Fortnight offers one on their website, but my suggestion is to find a store that sells the brand so you can experience the miracle that is proper bra fitting. Prior to this one-on-one experience, I was doing it all wrong. The band was too loose, therefore, my arm straps were always falling down and my shoulders were compensating for the lack of support. 

It's just the kind of thing that requires an irl experience, ya know? 

About the brand: Fortnight is manufactured in-house, at a Parkdale Village studio located in Toronto. The undergarments are handcrafted by highly trained technicians, to uphold quality and precision with every piece that is created.