Inside CHANEL's New Beauty Boutique

It’s no secret that I love CHANEL. I mean, short of giving us the little black dress and boxy jackets, CHANEL provided practical clothing that enabled women to feel a chic freedom they’d never known before. Coco was strong-headed, elegant, chic and practical.

To know who we are is a difficult enough task in this world; I think we could all learn a thing or two from Mademoiselle.

Fast-forward to 2019, CHANEL opens a fragrance and beauty standalone boutique in Canada for the first time.

I had the pleasure of visiting the space and receiving a skincare treatment last weekend, so I wanted to share the experience with you.

Photos of me taken by Jenna Marie Wakani

The Space

The 1,280 square foot space is the ultimate luxury beauty destination, complete with exclusive makeup, fragrance and skincare offerings, in addition to a specialty selection of eyewear.

I used to have to buy different CHANEL products in different stores (Holt Renfrew, Saks, etc.), so having everything in one place is a dream.

There are makeup applications by CHANEL experts at three available stations, a fragrance library, but the pièce de résistance is the private room inspired by the CHANEL au Ritz Spa in Paris where you can receive various treatments.

First of all, take a look at the space:

Unless otherwise stated, all photos provided by CHANEL

I snuck in a photo prior to the treatment.

The Skincare Treatment

I was lucky enough to receive the LE SOIN ILLUMINATEUR treatment that provided glow using the LE BLANC range. I was expecting a facial, but that was my first mistake… thinking that anything CHANEL would be standard. It was more of a whole body, grounding experience while targeting certain skin concerns.

It all started with deep breathing and connecting to the present moment - something I don’t do often enough. Next came the reflexology which I’d never experienced before. It was really interesting because I tend to hold tension without even realizing it (usually in my jaw area) and the reflexology enabled me to be conscious of the tension, breathe and release it.

Through lymphatic drainage movements in the face/neck/arm area, lymph fluids were encouraged to be drained from the system. Honestly, with all the flying I’d done in the last month and my seasonal allergies, my sinuses needed this. After that, a collagen mask was applied and while it set into the skin, I received a scalp massage (probably one of my favourite things ever!)

I came out feeling refreshed and grounded. It’s really true what they say: “beauty blooms from within”; I felt zen and connected to my body as a whole.

The Makeup

CHANEL makeup aritst, Julie Cusson was kind enough to show me the new collections. I had such a fun time talking about all things skincare and makeup with Julie - and I mean everything - from CHANEL patented technology in the LES BEIGES WATER-FRESH TINT to how to block one’s brows for drag.

We decided on a look that introducing colour into my makeup.

If you know me, I steer clear of vibrancy and have an overall very simple style (hair/makeup/fashion alike). I stick with my nudes and I’m very comfortable with that. It’s not to say I don’t play with colour, because trust me, I do when I’m at home. I just don’t ever leave the house with the ombré green eyeshadow and gold metallic eyeliner. As I amp up my Instagram and YouTube, I want to show how you can incorporate colour in a tangible way.

The final look was all about beautiful skin with a touch of colour. On the skin, Julie used the WATER-FRESH TINT and DUO BRONZE ET LUMIÈRE, a bronzer and highlighter which she blended together to create the perfect sun-kissed look. Et voilà!

Photos of me taken by  Jenna Marie Wakani

Photos of me taken by Jenna Marie Wakani