An intimate Montreal wedding

I woke up at 7 AM. 

I was in the bedroom I'd grown up in. Lime green walls (don't question my 12 year old self's interior design skills), my chandelier; it was all the same, except... nothing really was. 

I was going to marry my best friend later that day. I wasn't really anxious or stressed throughout the planning process, and that morning was no different. My bridesmaids showed up around 8 AM and we started getting our hair and makeup done. 

I know I've brought you along the journey of planning the wedding, so there are tons of other posts I've written when it comes to finding the dress and planning the day, so I'm just going to make this more of a photo diary and get right to it. All photos were taken and edited by the outstandingly amazing Francis Fraioli (if you're in the market, def check him out!). 

Getting Ready


From left to right: William, my amazing friend and ceremony officiant, Rita, Sunia, myself, my sister Michelle and Margaux

The Ceremony

My grandparents thought I was crazy to include Marley and Callie in the ceremony, but I'd do it again in a second. I won't have them forever (the sad reality I never want to face), so I'm glad I immortalized this moment forever. I mean.... look at Callie realizing it's mommy and daddy at the end of the aisle... priceless

The Venue


Highly Recommend a sweet table. My cake + sweet table vendor was so amazing + she gave me the tip of going to Bulk Barn and buying chocolate covered pretzels, gummy bears, etc to add to the table. 

The bridal + groom parties

Because our wedding was only 74 people, I opted to keep the parties small. 

The couple photos

Let's be honest, that's why you're here. 


The vendors

Bridesmaids + mother of the bride + bride hair: Hair by Nolan

Bridesmaids + mother of the bride + bride makeup: Emily Angel

Dress: Rime Arodaky found at LoversLand - can't thank these ladies enough for their kindness, patience and love! 

Shoes & hair piece: ASOS bride 

Venue + wine + food: Vignoble Rivière du Chêne

Cake designer + sweet table: Chocolata 

Flowers: A la vie au vert

Photographer: Francis Fraioli