Self-care using all natural products

Sometimes (read: most of the time), self-care is overlooked. Rarely do I meditate or just take a step back and relax. As you may know from reading through my blog and my Instagram, I've always favoured natural products, so finding alternatives to products I use on a daily has been a challenge at times. 

If you're like me and you're like where do I even begin? Here are some tips + products that have worked for me during my bedtime routine.

Just breathe (P.S.: check out the discount code below)

Seems easy enough, but I don't breathe deeply enough in a day! I've always been too antsy to meditate, but I force myself to. It keeps me sane and enables me to be creative. I'm also one of those people that needs a good relaxing smell to calm me and pull me away from my day. 

I've used a few diffusers before, but this vitruvi porcelaine one is NEXT LEVEL. The smell can actually make my room smell amazing and blends like the Dusk are so calming. It's a blend of Ho wood, Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Lavender and is inspired by moonlit walks along the sand... perfectly romantic. 

If you want 20% off, use code vitruviXtara at checkout!

Radiance via gua sha

I attended an Odacite event recently and was taught how to use a crystal contour gua sha ✨ There are different movements you can do to massage the facial tissues and the benefits from lymphatic draining are amazeballs (especially if you have allergies like myself)! Basically, I’m frikkin here for it. 

I did get a few zits after my first couple of uses, but that's totally normal since you're detoxing your skin! 

Now, it's been two weeks of using it every night and my jaw muscles are more relaxed (I tend to grind my teeth at night) and my skin is luminous. I use the green tea + lemongrass radiance effect serum for that ~shine~. It's thicker than your typical serum, so I use it at night. 

Getting dirty without getting dirty

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I consider sex life to be a part of self-care. I've always used lube, but since changing to natural products, I kind of gave up on it because I didn't really like the idea of using my coconut oil that I cook with for that purpose.

I first heard of Woo For Play on the Lady Gang podcast, so when they reached out, I was into it! I'm all for coconut oil (I cook with it all the time), so the fact that it's coconut based is right up my alley. It's organic and all-natural, made with coconut oil, vanilla essence, beeswax and stevia. And yes, it does taste like cake + it doesn't mess with your pH, so if you're prone to yeast infections or UTI's, definitely give this a try!