Adieu, Fast Fashion?

Ok, I won't lie.

The urge to buy Zara and the likes is still there and it's really hard for me to hold off on shopping. I live downtown Toronto, so walks down the street = the stores beckon. 

Sustainable can absolutely be fashionable and modern. I think it's more of a lifestyle choice and I've found thrifting/vintage shopping and actually doing research into the brands I buy really eye opening. Here are some of the brands I'm loving and how they're making an effort to be sustainable. 

1. Berg + Betts

A sustainable take on the classic timepiece. This watch brand makes eco-friendly products that are stylish & responsible. Each watch is hand crafted out of surplus leather off cuts that would otherwise go to waste! All of their factories are carefully chosen and certified ethical to ensure a healthy and safe workplace for all of their suppliers.  

Use code 'taraleighrose' for 20% off your order when you order at Berg + Betts online.

2. Everlane 

I basically live in their white T's, so you've surely seen me wearing this brand. I love the concept of modern basics that you can mix and match. Now that I own an agency, I really don't want to spend time thinking about what I wear, so I find myself gravitating towards quality pieces that are interchangeable. They pride themselves on 'radical transparency', so when you buy anything from them, they show you how much the item costs to make —from materials to labor to transportation. Shop them here

3. rag & bone 

Ya, I was shoooooketh too. I have a long coat that I'm obsessed with, so it's always good to know they're considered ethical/sustainable since their pieces are made in the US, and they’re crafted by some of the oldest, local manufacturers. You can shop them here.


Definitely was NOT into thrifting and vintage shopping before I met my fiancé Ash. To me, it wasn't really worth the time, but he's made it fun and completely changed my attitude. We make a day trip to the burbs and have found some serious gems. 

Speaking of... that's what I plan on doing tomorrow!