Five days in Tulum

You know how some places just get you?

My family and I travelled a lot growing up and I've had the opportunity to visit many places, but sometimes, a destination will just stick with me; in this case, it's Tulum. Its laid back attitude and young vibrancy definitely make it a town I'd love to go visit again. I was quite impressed with the food, and that's always a huge part of travel for me. 

For our stag and doe, we decided to flock to Tulum, Mexico for 5 days. We were 12 people, so we rented a 3-storey villa on Air BnB as our home base and rented vans (yup, Canadian soccer moms, coming through) to commute from the town to the beach. Drone footage by Mitch Service, @416shooter.

Here are some of the restaurants, beach clubs and places we visited!

Food + Beach

Encantada: the beach is exclusive to hotel guests, but the food is great. I had the grilled octopus + a Corona. 


Casa Malca: Pablo Escobar's Mansion complete with a giant Kaws and other contemporary art worthy of a museum. I'd DEFINITELY recommend as the restaurant is tasty and the beach has the cleanest white sand on the strip. 

Casa Jaguar: restaurant in the jungle; a must. They cook in a rustic manner, in a wood burning oven, so I had a full fish and it was buttery goodness. It was opened on 11/11/11 by a mother and son, and the decor feels perfectly imperfect, in the least obnoxious way. 


Raw Love: I know what you're thinking... what a f*ckin blogger thing to do. 1) well... yes, what do you expect of me? and 2) it was delicious and I don't regret it. 

I had the 'Chocolate Dream', and let me tell ya... it lives up to the name. 


Habitas:  spend a day here, thank me later. The property is beautiful, there's a beach and pool and the food, once again, had me wanting more. The dish that stuck with me the most was the fish tacos. I inhaled them, so I have no photo proof for you, sorry. 

If you're looking for nightlife, I'd recommend either beach parties or heading to Calle Centauro in town where bars open to the street where the party continues. 

Things to do + see: 

Yoga at Yaan Wellness

I didn't partake because jungle mosquitoes ain't no joke and I couldn't get zen with them biting me, but a couple of the people I was with did. This place was also recommended to me for massages, so might have to try that next time.

Cenote Dos Ojos: if you're claustrophobic, this cenote may not be for you, but snorkeling through underground cave channels is up my alley. 


Until next time, Tulum...