"Why the f*ck is my drink spicy omg what is that?" & other thoughts

This is about to get honest and raw. Literally. 

Belmonte Raw Desk Delivery Launch in The Exchange Tower with my girlfriend and blogger Kyla

Hello, hipster heaven.

Belmonte Raw's location is beautiful. The colours, the decor... Everything conveys health and really entices you to make better eating choices. I'm by no means a juicer or believer in detoxing. I mean, I personally eat every 2 hours, so I have no idea how I would subsist entirely on liquids. However, I do believe in complimenting my diet with healthy juices/smoothies. I'm a busy gal, I work full-time at a marketing agency, go to events to be able to write this blog and do all the back end work like program the website, create content, take pictures. Lest we forget, I'm a pug mommy and that princess requires lots of attention. I don't always have time to cook, so adding vegetables and fruit to my diet this way is the most efficient alternative. 

We sampled a bunch of raw food and juices and went on our way. I took home the Revive (lemon, filtered water, cayenne and agave) and the Refresh (carrot, apple, beet, lemon, ginger). I was going to drink both the next day at the office. 

Next Day - Tara @ Work

I had a preconceived notion of what the Revive was going to taste like and I was really excited to try it. I was like "yeah, this is going to taste like a sweet honey water with like, lemon. Detox, duh. Omg #healthy". 

Remember when I said there was cayenne in that drink. Enough to REVIVE the fucking dead. Not the honey lemon water I had anticipated. 

Next up, after lunch, I decided the give the Refresh a try. I mean, really, all those ingredients are so yummy in juices! I drank it in under a minute, it was SO good. Loved that detox cold-pressed juice... Until it detoxed me fuck out. 

I don't think I've gone to the bathroom as many times since I had food poisoning from eating an expired sandwich that my bitch of a sister gave to me, fully knowing it was expired. 


  • I still love and believe in juices to compliment my diet. Belmonte Raw remains my favourite because Greenhouse Juice is either too small a format or too big and are too expensive. 
  • I will never drink cayenne. It was my first and last. 
  • Detox cold-pressed juices do exactly what they say they will. They detox the shit out of you. Literally. So, I guess if you're running low on toilet paper, don't do it. Don't drink it. You won't be ready. 

= me @ work.