You said yes to the dress... now what?

Well... in short, A WHOLE LOT.

Surprisingly enough, I'm not stressed at all and I'm finding planning to be really fun. I like thinking of the little things that can make a difference. I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and remember the day. 

When I think of memories, they're almost always associated to a smell. So, I knew I wanted a special perfume for the big day.  

The Wedding Perfume was kind enough to send me a bottle and it smells divine. It's a floral scent with notes of fresh bergamot, lemon petitgrain, rose, jasmine, and mimosa blossom. It honestly reminds me of trips to the south of France with my family. I can't wait to wear it on the big day!

Given that I spent so much time at LoversLand and brought you along for the ride, I wanted to sit down with the two boss lady owners of the store: Danielle Gulic (DG) and Yvonne Reidy (YR). I've gotten a lot of questions every time I post, so hopefully this sheds some light!

When I started looking for a dress, I really didn't like anything I saw or tried on. I knew I wanted something modern and different, I just didn't know where I'd find it. I'm so beyond excited that I found THE ONE at LoversLand and am proud to be an #llbride! If you're looking for your dress, something for your man, your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, I suggest you step into their Haven. 

How did you meet? 

YR Our boyfriends at the time - now husbands - have been friends for over 20 years so we initially met through them. 

When and how did you decide to get into business together? 

DG Between the two of us, we’ve racked up over 10 years of experience in fashion and bridal. I worked at twobirds Bridesmaid, a brand of convertible dresses that caters to brides and bridesmaids, and Yvonne worked in fashion wholesale. We both had experience professionally and personally, with brides and would often wonder where people like us would go to find our wedding dresses. 

YR For me, it all started when I was wedding dress shopping with friends. Every time I watched my friends struggle to find fashion-forward wedding dresses. It was clear there was a gap in the market and the bridal industry was failing to evolve with the modern-day woman. This was our first of many “aha- moments”. Danielle and I had discussed these experiences over dinner a few times and decided that we may be on to something special. 

DG We also wanted to acknowledge that love is something to be celebrated beyond the wedding day. Throughout the wedding preparation – engagement, showers, honeymoon, bachelor and bachelorette parties – and on into the lovers’ lives together. That was really the impetus for LoversLand and we opened about 2 years later in November of 2014. 

Danielle Gulic and Yvonne Reidy of LoversLand

Danielle Gulic and Yvonne Reidy of LoversLand

What have you learned from the process? 

DG It takes a village! You and your team are the most valuable resource...Take care of yourself and your team. Surround yourself with supportive and inspiring people. 

YR That we are so lucky to have such supportive staff, friends and family. Entrepreneurship can be a difficult road and sometimes you really need those supportive and loving voices pushing you on. Nothing happens overnight so you tend to lean on those around you for support a lot. 

What’s the best part of your job? 

DG My favourite part of doing what we do is the people who we get to work with and meet which includes our brides, brands, and our team. Having such a medley of inspiring people in the room and passion around the table has been incredibly eye-opening for me. 

YR I second that - for us, there’s no bigger compliment than when our brides tell us that they felt supported and comfortable during a bridal appointment. With that, I think we have an incredible responsibility to make sure we carry dresses that make a bride feel the most like herself. We also work in an industry that is run by primarily women and we are lucky enough to work and support each other. 

What’s the most challenging part of your job? 

YR We have a lot on our to-do list. Running your own business is not glamorous. No job is too small. You have to be ready to get the job done no matter what it is.  

DG Understanding that there is no work/life balance. My job is a huge part of my life. 

Your job requires you to be on-trend, what keeps you motivated and inspired? 

YR Bridal has turned a corner in the past couple of years so we are really lucky to be working with some of the best brands out there. We do our best to listen to our customer as well as carry product that the consumer may not know they want yet. We work with beautiful people and product so really it's hard not to find motivation and inspiration from that. 

DG Our customers! Brides! Love! That's what inspires us! Telling our designers customer's feedback...I love travelling and meeting with designers and communicating their vision to our customers.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

YR Don’t be afraid to take risks and to listen to your gut.  I wouldn’t have jumped to start Loversland if I didn’t have people in my corner telling me so. 

DG Take care of yourself. It's a marathon, not a sprint! 

Any words of wisdom for brides-to-be? 

YR You do you. Try to silent out the loud opinions around you and remember this is one day of many amazing days so try not to put so much pressure on yourself.