Your Guide To A (Sustainable) Fall Wardrobe

The cool, crisp mornings in fall make it one of my favourite seasons.

By the time summer falls into autumn (couldn’t help myself!), I’m so sick of my wardrobe that I look forward to the layering days. As I’ve been bringing bins of shorts and tank tops to my storage unit, I couldn’t help but wonder… can I transition into fall 100% sustainably?

The short answer is yes, and that’s why I’m writing to you now. It’s not to say you must throw out everything you own à la Marie Kondo. In this guide, I will give you tips to becoming more sustainable in a tangible manner. We were all 19 once and going to Forever21 to buy a night-out-and-never-wear-again look, so I get it. You likely have loads of unwanted/unused clothing in your closet. The point here is not to shame anyone, it’s to give you tips to reducing your consumption and finding alternatives to the Devil Factories (what I dub Zara and the likes).

Tip #1: Focus on the classics

Fall doesn’t necessarily mean wool sweaters and turtlenecks. September weather has actually fluctuated a lot and I haven’t yet dared to rock thick fabric. While it’s still warm-ish out, I prefer a white shirt and a trench coat or an oversized blazer. I personally love the Everlane Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt (pictured below in off-white)

In my experience, buying something (that may be more expensive), but remains a classic will serve you longer… and therefore, you’ll spend less money in the long run.

Focusing on the classics is also a tip I consider when I’m cleaning out my closet. If it’s a very specific trend that’s passé, I would probably donate the item to a women’s/local charity.

Tip #2: Mix textures

It’s the season to experiment, really. The ability to mix different textures and fabrics is what makes Fall Fashion so appealing.

I’ve always favoured comfort over trends and I’ve have been wearing it with the Everlane Straight Leg Crop (pictured here are the Sandstone) with my snake Boss Boots. I like the utilitarian look of the pants combined with the “out there” pattern of the boots. I use quotation marks because, in my monochromatic world, snake print is highly colourful and quirky lol.

Tip #3: Keep It Neutral

The way I see it, I can jazz up an outfit with my makeup/hair. Certainly, I can get colourful with makeup, so I keep my clothing neutral.

In doing so, I’ve inadvertently created a closet filled with mix and match items. Neutrals will always match, so I find myself creating new looks with the same items of clothing. I’ve bought/consumed less in the last year or so and it’s encouraging to see how easy the transition has been (I was a Devil Factory shopper prior to my watching ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix).

Basically, what I’m saying here is that my new neutral, classic, vintage-filled closet makes up the collection of clothing of my dreams and I’ve spent less money, consumed less and have a clearer conscience while doing so. Seems like a win-win-win to me.

If you’re interested in checking Everlane out, they now have an International Site (yay for me!) + your first order ships free.

This blog post contains Everlane affiliate links.